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Soft Touch: Pastel Pottery by Lenneke Wispelwey


Soft Touch: Pastel Pottery by Lenneke Wispelwey

April 14, 2014

As an only child, Dutch ceramicist Lenneke Wispelwey longed for a larger family. So she created one via her extended body of work.

Drawing on her childhood experiences and her love of memorabilia, Lenneke uses slip-case porcelain to create “honest,” “low-tech,” tactile pieces that invite you to relate to them on many levels. The surprising juxtaposition of precise geometric forms combined with pretty sherbet shades gives her forms an appeal that is both cerebral and sensory, orderly and whimsical, immediate and nuanced. In other words, her pieces achieve the same beguiling balance of beauty, rhythm, and harmony so often found in nature. 

lenneke wispelwey cups Remodelista

Above: Lenneke’s pieces are porcelain that’s made to be touched, and put to use. Shown here, her Stars & Stripes cups in shades of petal pink. All of Lenneke’s designs are available directly through her at her studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands, Lenneke Wispelwey. Her Stars & Stripes Cups are also sold by SMUG Studio of London, for £29 each, and Red Star Studios of Kansas City, MO, for $38.

lenneke wispelwey daisy vases  Remodelsita

Above: Much like a family in which individuals share traits, Lenneke’s work plays with several subtly differentiated shades of the same hue, as shown in these small Daisy Vases, available through direct order at Lenneke Wispelwey; €39.

lenneke wispelwey petit fours Remodelista

Above: Perfect for a single bulb or breakfast egg, Lenneke’s Petit Fours are the babies of the family; €25.

lenneke wispelwey carafes Remodelista

Above: The play of biscuit and glazed surfaces is another Lenneke Wispelwey signature, as seen on these carafes. The Blue Mr. Right Carafe is available through Red Star Studios; $170. Green and blue Mr. Right Carafes are also available through SMUG Studio in London; £139, or directly via Lenneke Wispelwey.

lenneke wispelwey bowls Remodelisat

Above: Lenneke’s collection includes a full range dinnerware, which, thanks to their complementary hues, are even better mixed than matched. Midilicious Bowls are £31 each at SMUG.

lenneke wispelwey star vase Remodelista

Above: Star Vases are available through Lenneke Wispelwey for €39.

lenneke wispelwey plates Remodelisat

Above: Bottom Lines Plates are available at SMUG for £42 each.

lenneke wispelwey thin vase Remodelista

Above: Lenneke’s collections also includes vase from short to tall, diminutive to massive. These Thin Vases are on offer at Red Star Studio for $51.

Heading to the Netherlands? You can visit Lenneke’s showroom in her studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands; it’s open Thursdays through Saturdays.

Interested in seeing more ceramics? Here are some of our favorites. Want to enjoy some pastels in the garden? See Foolproof Spring Bulbs at Gardenista. You might also like a tour of Ben Pentreath’s Garden in Dorset, Viewed Through the Mist.

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