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10 Easy Pieces: Freestanding Wood Stoves


10 Easy Pieces: Freestanding Wood Stoves

October 23, 2013

Not your grandmother’s wood stove. A new generation of wood stoves offers high fuel efficiency, high combustion temperatures, and lower emissions. They’re powerful, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible heaters for your home.  

Many of these new stoves combine the best of the old (baking/warming shelves, wood storage) with new technologies that greatly reduce ash, carbon emissions and lost heat. Best of all, when there is a burn ban, EPA Certified Stoves can keep on burning.

N.B.: Different stoves generate varying levels of heat. Be sure to consider a stove  with heat output appropriate to the size of room where it will be located.

700 wittus shaker one wood stove large

Above: The Wittus Shaker Wood Stove designed by Antonio Citterio is made in Germany of black steel. Offering the look of a fireplace with the efficiency of a wood stove, it is available with a short bench under the door (as shown) or a long bench, so you can sit comfortably close to the fire; $4,860 and $5,430 respectively.

700 rais rondo wood stove in situ

Above: From Denmark-based Rais, the Rondo Wood Stove is a modern classic. With the latest in air flow and combustion control technology, it offers the most heat output of the moderately sized Rais stoves. The Rondo has a wood storage space at the bottom (with a door) and a baking shelf with a soapstone slab as standard equipment; $4,610. The design is also available with a rotating base as an optional extra. Contact Rais to locate a dealer near you. 

700 rais gabo wood stove in situ

Above: The Rais Gabo Wood Stove features flat sides and a curved front with a sealed firebox that ensures optimal combustion control. It has a convection grate above the combustion chamber and a wood storage space underneath. Available in black or gray steel; $3,890. Contact Rais to locate a dealer near you.

700 rais x basic wood stove 700

Above: Made of black steel with a top vent, the Rais X-Basic Wood Stove offers a large surface area, creating efficient and effective heating for oversized rooms; $10,900. Contact Rais to locate a dealer near you.

700 stuv 16h wood stove

Above: We like the simplicity of the Stuv 16-H Wood Stove. This high-efficiency model from Belgian company Stuv is designed in such a way that the combustion gases provide the room with as much heat as possible. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available in Europe (not approved for US sale). Contact Stuv for retail locations.

700 stuv 30 wood stove

Above: Another model Stuv is available in the US. The Stuv 30 Wood Stove has a unique multi-function glass and steel door that operates in three positions: open glass, closed glass, or closed steel to slow the burn; $5,495 through dealers in the US, including AJ Fireplaces.

10 Easy Pieces Freestanding Wood Stoves portrait 9

Above: Wittus Cubic Wood Stoves are the work of Danish architect Anders Ní¸rgaard. All three models utilize the same highly efficient fire box and are EPA certified. They feature a thermal “air wash” system that self-cleans the clear glass fire door to keep it soot free. The cool-to-the-touch door handle is nearly invisible and has finger-tip control. The freestanding models are available in three sizes and range in price from $4,740 to $5,820.

700 jotul modern wood burning stove

Above: A slim pedestal option, the Norwegian-designed Jotus F-370 Modern Wood Burning Stove has cast-iron construction and a three panel glass design; $3,800. Contact Jotul to locate retailers.  

700 dovre astroline 700

Above: Our UK-based readers can consider the Dovre Astroline 350CB, a clean-burning, high-efficiency cast-iron wood stove with a small footprint. Available with an anthracite finish; £1,125. Contact Dovre for retail locations.

alex scott porter wood stove

Above: Here’s a traditional Scandinavian-inspired look: the tiny Classic Forest Stove from Morso, based on a design from the 1930s, but incorporating the latest in combustion technology for greatly reduced smoke emissions. At 28 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 28 inches deep, this stove is a good small-space choice; $1,700. Contact Morso to locate a dealer.

700 englander wood stove large

Above: An affordable option is the Englander 17-vl Wood Stove. Crafted of black steel, this freestanding, top-vented stove will heat rooms that are up to 1,200 square feet. It’s a high-efficiency design that meets EPA standards; $549 at Home Depot.

Want to warm your hands by an outdoor fire? Take a look at our earlier post Playing with Fire: Favorite Fire Pits and Bowls on Gardenista.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on December 19, 2012 as part of our Winter Cabins issue.

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