A Seattle Oyster Bar on Wheels by

Issue 26 · Block Party · July 1, 2014

A Seattle Oyster Bar on Wheels

Issue 26 · Block Party · July 1, 2014

A while back we posted on The Whale Wins, a restaurant from Seattle culinary star Renee Erickson. Today we're taking a look at Narwhal, Erickson's oyster bar on wheels.

N.B.: It's our Block Party issue, and every day this week, we'll be spotlighting an inspired food or drinks business on wheels.

Narwhal Oyster Truck Seattle/Remodelista

Above: Narwhal operates out of a 1960 Divco dairy van turned food truck, which appears at the Queen Anne Farmers Market and other locales around the city.

Narwhal Menu/Remodelista

Above: The menu includes fried oysters, smoked trout salad, and celery soda.

Narwhal Oyster Truck/Remodelista

Above: Making the rounds, cafe seating included.

Narwhal Logo/Remodelista

Above: Seattle artist Curtis Steiner came up with the swirly scripted logo.

Other favorite mobile cafes? Check out Pizza del Popolo in SF. And, in London, catch up with the Travelling Gin Co. and the Good & Proper Tea Co.

Remodelista Considered Design Awards 2014

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on January 9, 2014 as part of our New Beginnings issue.

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