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New Bath Hardware from Norm Architects: The Towel Ladder and More

January 07, 2015 6:00 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

Just over a year ago, we brought you the first pieces of Norm Architects’ bath collection for Menu–a trash can, toilet brush, soap dispenser, toothbrush cup, and storage vessel–and the group has since expanded. Norm designers Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rí¸nn are always spot on, but our favorite of the new bunch? A multifunctional towel ladder. 

See the first five pieces in The Modern Bath: New Essentials from Copenhagen

Above: A sampling of the Norm collection for Menu includes the towel ladder and the Menu Flip Around Chair; $199.95 at Menu Design Shop.


Above: The Menu Bath Towel Ladder has a leather handle for hooking to the wall and nonslip feet at the bottom. Shown here in black with dark oak rungs, the ladder is $449.95 at Menu.

Above: Norm Architects calls the ladder “an informal and flexible piece of furniture” that has use beyond the bathroom: Consider it for magazines, scarves, or clothes. The Menu Bath Towel Ladder in white with light oak rungs is $449.95 at Design Within Reach.

Above: For hanging towels in the bath or coats in the front hall: Menu Bath Knobs are available in white, black, and dark oak; $40 for a set of two at Design Public. 

Above: The Menu Bath Knobs also come in brass; $49.95 for a pair at Menu. 

Above: The Menu Towel Bar is made of powder-coated aluminum with a matte finish; $120 in black or white at Design Public. 

Above: The Menu Toilet Roll Holder has the same rounded edges and gives the appearance of floating off the wall; $69.95 at Menu. 

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