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A Rustic Modern Hangout in Berlin

March 23, 2015 11:00 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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A find from LA designer and world traveler, Cynthia Carlson: Lokal in Mitte, Berlin.

German cafe owner Maren Thimm and her American partner, Gary Hoopengardner, had initially set up a temporary restaurant called Kantine in the courtyard of British architect David Chipperfield’s Berlin office (with the promise that Chipperfield could always get a seat). Then Chipperfield received permission to build on his firm’s lot, so the couple took Kantine’s floorboards with them and opened Lokal, a permanent cantine serving locally sourced ingredients. 

Photography by Cynthia Carlson, except where noted. 

Above: Mismatched chairs at a recycled wood table made by German architect Katja Buchholz. Photograph via Lost in Cheeseland.

Above: The painted tabletop. For variations on this theme, see 5 Favorites: Tables Transformed by Stencils.

Above: Tapered glass pendant lights hang over more tables designed by Buchholz. Hoopengardner himself finished the whitewashed walls and stone flooring and painted a group of chairs white.

Above: Open shelves behind the counter display Lokal’s own preserves.

Above: Pink tulips paired with spindly branches. Photograph via Foodie in Berlin.

Above: For big groups, tables are pushed together and neatly surrounded by white chairs. Photograph via Lost in Cheeseland.

Above: Live piano music, which had been a popular feature at Kantine, has carried over to Lokal, where an alcove is just big enough for an upright. 

Above: Mismatched chairs lend a casual note. Photograph via Foodie in Berlin.

Above: Fur throws and candles add warmth. For more information, go to LokalPhotograph via Foodie in Berlin

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N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on October 11, 2012, in our Oktoberfest issue.