A Rustic-Modern Hangout in Berlin by

Issue 93 · Eastern Europe · October 7, 2013

A Rustic-Modern Hangout in Berlin

Issue 93 · Eastern Europe · October 7, 2013

A find from LA designer and world traveler, Cynthia Carlson: Lokal in Mitte, Berlin.

Maren Thimm and her partner, Gary Hoopengardner, an American, initially set up a temporary restaurant called Kantine in the courtyard of British architect David Chipperfield's Berlin office (with the promise that he could always get a seat when he was in town). Last year, when Chipperfield received permission to build on the lot, the couple took Kantine's floorboards with them and opened Lokal, a permanent cantine serving locally sourced ingredients. 

Photography by Cynthia Carlson, except where noted. For more information, go to Lokal.

Above: Mismatched chairs at a table made from recycled wood by German architect Katja Buchholz. Photograph via Lost In Cheeseland.

Above: The painted tabletop. For more, see our recent post Five Favorites: Tables Transformed by Stencils.

Above: Tapered glass pendant lights hangs over more tables designed by Buchholz. Hoopengardner himself finished the white-washed walls and stone flooring.

Above: Lokal's preserves on display behind the counter.

Above: Live piano music was a popular feature at Kantine carried over at Lokal. Here, an alcove for an upright.

Above: Mismatched chairs add a casual note. Photograph via Foodie in Berlin.

Above: Fur throws and candles add warmth. Photograph via Foodie in Berlin

For more, go to Lokal.

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N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on October 11, 2012 in our Octoberfest issue.

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