ISSUE 88  |  Low-Key Fashion

DIY: Rustic Linen Hanger Covers

September 02, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

I probably spend too much time thinking about the uniformity of my closet hangers. I realized that this minor detail was really bothering me the minute I saw the handmade linen hanger covers at the Arts & Science store in Galerie Vivienne in Paris. So simple, so genius; problem solved.

Above: The linen hanger covers hold up the shapeless jackets (shapeless in a good way) and silk pieces. Photographs by Alexa Hotz for Remodelista.

Above: Using a rustic but soft woven linen fabric sourced from Japan, the covers slip over the hangers (even wire dry cleaner’s wire hangers look good with this treatment).

Above: From the spring collection, a printed silk scarf is wrapped around one hanger and stands out from the others.

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