ISSUE 23  |  Cool Dads

Kitchen Tools with a Masculine Edge

June 12, 2014 7:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Pricey, yes, but possibly the last set of kitchen tools you’ll ever buy. Designed by Hagino Mitsunobu for FD Style, the Kitchen Tools Series is made of rustproof stainless steel with a durable black matte finish.

Above (L to R): The FD Style Grater ($64), FD Style Wine Opener ($188), FD Style Peeler ($52), FD Style Bottle Opener ($36), FD Style Zester ($62), and FD Style Can Opener ($68), all from Rikumo.

Above: The FD Style Can Opener is $68 from Rikumo.

Above: The FD Style Peeler is $52.

Above: The FD Style Wine Opener is $188.