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Architect Visit: John Pawson in Telluride

December 26, 2011 11:30 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

I've walked past this Telluride, Colorado, house many times and admired the way it blends into the neighborhood yet has a quiet, modern edge. I was surprised to learn recently that this humble structure is, in fact, a John Pawson design. Despite its popularity with the jet set, downtown Telluride still likes to cling to its early mining roots, and this house manages to reference the town's vernacular architecture with its pitched metal roof, weathered timber siding, and fieldstone foundation. The bedrooms are on the ground floor, and the living quarters are above, affording better views of the surrounding mountains. For more John Pawson, go to our other posts: Architect Visit: John Pawson Titly Hill Barn, and John Pawson Kitchen Accessories.

Photos via Push Pull Bar.