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6 Elegant Cookware Lines, Italian Edition

October 21, 2015 1:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

All-time sexiest cookware? In Italy, designers have started thinking beyond the burner, creating streamlined, multifunctional pieces that can go from stovetop to tabletop.

Above: Designed by Milanese architect Rodolfo Dordoni for KnIndustrie, the Foodwear line features bronze exteriors with polished stainless interiors; the lids (which can be used as presentation stands) are available in either bronze glass or polished stainless steel. An Eight-Piece Bronze Italian Cookware Set is $399.99 via Amazon. Individual pieces are also available from Dep Design Store.

Above: Ceramic cookware with clip-on detachable handles, ABCT Pans have an eco-friendly nonstick surface and can be used on the stove and as serving dishes. Thanks to their removable handles, they’re easy to store, and they come with mahogany lids that double as hot pads. Pans and woks start at €24.34 ($27.62) at Dep Design Store.

Above: Designed by architect Massimo Castagna, the eight-quart borosilicate Glass Pot for KnIndustrie is handmade in Italy (only 10 are produced per day) and is $200 from the MoMA Store in NYC (the Silicon Lid is sold separately for $53). The KnPro Glass Pasta Pot is €114.05 ($129.48) from OWO. 

Above: Designed by Enzo Mari for Zani & Zani, the Cookware Set is available in black (featuring a nonstick coating) or brushed stainless. The ensemble includes two stock pots, three casserole pans, two low pots, and four covers; €2,099.21 ($2,426.46) from Serafino Zani (the pieces are also sold individually).

Above: Massimo Castagna’s KnPro cookware line is made of aluminum with a white nonstick nanotech coating and steel handles. The shallow Skillet is €63.93 ($72.55) from Mohd in Italy.

Above: Same Same but Different is Castagna’s KnPro companion family of multifunctional cover plates–porcelain-enamel-coated stainless steel plates or serving platters that double as lids when used with an oversized walnut knob. Prices start at €30 ($34.05) for the 25-centimeter size from Erresse Shop.

Above: Toast carries the Terra.Cotto line of fireproof terracotta Italian cookware, handmade in Italy and available in a range of colors. The pieces have a ceramic-glazed interior with a chalky, hand-dipped exterior; prices start at £52.50 ($70.48) for the Terracotta Saucepot. In the US, the Terra.Cotto Line is available from Fitzsu; prices start at $85 for the saucepot with lid.

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N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on January 19, 2015, as part of our Italian Renaissance