ISSUE 29  |  Urban Escape

Table of Contents: Urban Escape

July 21, 2014 7:30 AM

BY Remodelista Team

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Staying in town while everyone else packs up? There’s a lot to be said for summer in the city: Rules loosen, breezy cafes beckon, and it feels like there are more hours in the day—which means there’s time to take in the spectacle. Join us this week as we present tips for urban living, heat-wave edition.

Above: The summeriest restaurant in New York? Have a look at The Musket Room, in Nolita. Photograph by Emily Andrews.


Above: In today’s Designer Visit, we drop in on the cheery Red Hook, Brooklyn, apartment of ceramicist Michele Michael of Elephant Ceramics. Here’s a look at Michael’s signature cheese boards.


Above: Where to slot in a desk when space is tight? In this week’s 10 Favorites, Julie presents inspired niche workspaces. This black-and-white version is in Stockholm.


Above: Crucial for summer in the city: an effective (and good-looking) table fan—and a desk fan, too. We present our retro and modern picks in 10 Easy Pieces.


Above: In Thursday’s Hotels & Lodging feature, Meredith leads us to a Berlin factory turned urban campground hotel. Look no further for your dream 1970s East German camper. (Berlin, by the way, seems to lead the pack in novelty overnight digs: See The Urban Rental: Berlin’s Most Aquatic Accommodation.)


Above: Trying to solve the window treatment riddle? Unobtrusive, sun-filtering roller blinds are the architects’ choice—and the subject of this week’s Remodeling 101.

Take a look at Gardenista—they’re also in the midst of an urban escape.

And all week, both sites will be presenting work by the Remodelista and Gardenista 2014 Considered Design Awards finalists. Have you voted?