Table of Contents: Cool Dads by

Issue 23 · Cool Dads · June 9, 2014

Table of Contents: Cool Dads

Issue 23 · Cool Dads · June 9, 2014

Every room benefits from a balance of yin and yang. In honor of Father's Day, we're spotlighting manly design this week—and tipping our hats to the fine fellows in our lives (especially the aesthetes).

Cool Dads Remodelista Issue

Above: A bookshelf with built-in ladder by Brooklyn architecture and design studio Workstead. Photograph by Matthew Williams. (Have a look at Workstead's lighting designs here.)


Blanket Guitar Case | Remodelista

Above: Looking for a Father's Day present with a handmade touch? In today's Gift Guide, Justine presents 10 inspired finds from Etsy, including this guitar case stitched from a vintage blanket.


Steal This Look black tiled bath by Lone Tommerup Soren Jensen | Remodelista

Above: Black in the bath (with a touch of color)—learn where to source all the components in this week's Steal This Look.


Ceramic flask | Remodelista

Above: For stylish tipplers, Julie presents a selection of flasks (this one is ceramic) in Shopper's Diary.


Line Architecture San Francisco Loft | Remodelista

Above: In Thursday's Architecture & Interiors post, Christine shows us around an SF loft by Line Office with Douglas Fir columns and beams. (In the meantime, have a look at lofts we love in our Gallery of Rooms and Spaces.)


Corbin Bernsen actor and real-life carpenter and handyman | Remodelista

Above: He's best known as an actor and producer, but Corbin Bernsen's favorite real-life role is resident carpenter and handyman. Hear his advice from the house flipping trenches in our Ask the Expert column.


Simo design Braeburn residence | Remodelista

Above: This weekend's Architect Visit is a midcentury remodel in Los Feliz, LA, by Remodelista Architecture/Design Directory members SIMO Design, patchwork bedroom included.

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