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A Reimagined Remote for the Modern Home

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A Reimagined Remote for the Modern Home

March 25, 2016

At Remodelista, we’re all about streamlining our home environments, tech gadgets included. That’s why we decided to give the Ray Super Remote a try. Ray is a touch-screen universal remote that controls your TV and entertainment system, as well as connected-home technologies such as the Nest smart thermostat and Hue lighting system. Read on to learn more about Ray.

Photography by Remodelista.

remodelista ray remote 3 18

Above: Ray has an unassuming profile, but can control more than 200,000 devices including Roku and Xbox streaming devices and Bose and Yamaha sound systems. It runs for five days without a recharge, and works on any device from up to 33 feet away. The Ray Super Remote is $249 with free shipping.

remodelista ray remote 2 19

Above: Ray helps you find and discover content you want to watch by learning your preferences over time, and making recommendations for videos from many sources like TV, DVR, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, and On Demand. You can also browse by genre and set reminders for shows you want to watch later.

remodelista ray remote 1 20

Above: Straight out of the box, the Ray remote is on a mission to simplify. Setup doesn’t require a computer or smartphone, and the Ray folks are proud that their remote boasts the fastest setup time on the market. We used Ray with an LG television and Apple TV and had it working in less than 10 minutes.

ray super remote | remodelista 21

Above: As uncomplicated as it gets: a wireless remote, charging station, and power cord.

ray super remote | remodelista 22

Above: The best part? Ray condenses myriad remotes—which no one wants—into one sleek controller. Here, Ray replaces remotes for an LG television, Sony DVD player, TiVo, and Apple TV.

ray super remote | remodelista 23

Above: Ray is a sleek addition to the living room. In matte black and brushed aluminum hardware, it was designed by an award-winning creative team, and adds elegance and sophistication to your home while removing remote control clutter.

Visit Ray.co for more information on compatibility, tech specs, and reviews.

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