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The Enduring Appeal of the Donald Judd Daybed


The Enduring Appeal of the Donald Judd Daybed

February 9, 2024

We’re longtime fans of Donald Judd, especially his minimal daybed, which we’ve been spotting lately in interiors—DIY versions included.

Original daybeds by Donald Judd can go for as much as $20,000 at auction; new ones, made by the artist’s longtime craftsman, California-based Jeff Jamieson, can also be ordered from Judd Furniture. This week, in honor of our In Bed issue, we’re revisiting 11 Judd-inspired spots for lounging, sitting, sleeping, and reading:

a while back we dropped in on malgorzata bany and tycjan knut’s north lo 17
Above: A while back we dropped in on Malgorzata Bany and Tycjan Knut’s north London rental (see 1,000 Square Feet on a Budget: An Artist’s Loft in North London) and admired their DIY Judd-esque daybed. The sofa is made from the base of a sofa bed, something generic bought by Tycjan’s sister online. Malgorzata ordered foam cut to size and covered it with heavy duck cotton she sewed herself. The Donald Judd–inspired box is made from birch ply coated with Osmo Snow White Wood Wax Finish.
The Enduring Appeal of the Donald Judd Daybed portrait 8
Above: Ann Stephenson and Lori Scacco, owners of A Chic Fixer-Upper on Fire Island, Budget Edition, sourced their daybed from Brooklyn designer Corinne Gilbert.
The Enduring Appeal of the Donald Judd Daybed portrait 8
Above: The team behind Villa Lena in Tuscany created a Donald Judd–esque seating arrangement made from pine; see more at Villa Lena: A New Creative Hub (and Hotel) in Tuscany.
corinne gilbert wood daybed donald judd inspired
Above: A daybed in a project by Brooklyn-based designer Corinne Gilbert (see her own apartment in Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home; and for her decorating tips, go to How to Decorate Like a Frenchwoman).
eyrie house cheshire home magazine gardenista 2
Above: A pine daybed in the interior of a New Zealand cottage (see Top of the Lake: Tiny Cabins in Dark and Light).
at lee&#8\2\17;s event space on canal street, nyc, a wood daybed is one of  22
Above: At Lee’s event space on Canal Street, NYC, a wood daybed is one of many nods to Donald Judd. (For more on this project visit Kitchen of the Week: A Clandestine Private Dining Loft in NYC’s Chinatown.)
cookbook author marjory sweet&#8\2\17;s love for donald judd is apparent in 23
Above: Cookbook author Marjory Sweet’s love for Donald Judd is apparent in her rented home in Rockland, Maine. She had a friend construct the Judd-inspired daybed for her, as well as a simple record case. For more, have a look at  Marjory Sweet in Maine: The ‘Farm Lunch’ Author Starts a New Chapter in a ‘Ghostly’ New England Rental.
another maine/marfa spinoff: &#8\2\20;i designed and made the daybed after  24
Above: Another Maine/Marfa spinoff: “I designed and made the daybed after a visit to Marfa, Texas, where I was inspired by Donald Judd,” says artist and curator Donna McNeil of the lounge spot in her church-turned-home. “Unlike Judd, I added the metal strip finishing.” Photograph by Greta Rybus from The New Sanctuary: Inside a Curator’s Haven on the Coast of Maine, Ikea Kitchen Included
this plywood daybed was originally built for designer glenn ban&#8\2\17;s p 25
Above: This plywood daybed was originally built for designer Glenn Ban’s previous home, but it made the move to his East Hamptons cottage, where it fit the enclosed porch/reading area perfectly. (See: Designer Glenn Ban’s Refined East Hamptons Cottage.) Later, when Ban moved to yet another house in the same town, it made yet another move and got a stripped-down makeover. (See that version here.)
julie and josh opted for a judd esque daybed in their cape cod guest cottage: i 26
Above: Julie and Josh opted for a Judd-esque daybed in their Cape Cod guest cottage: It’s the Twin Daybed from Urban Green in Brooklyn. For more, see Rehab Diaries: A Wellfleet Guest Cottage Revived on Cape Cod.
while original donald judd designs are pricey, these lookalike sofas, in a reim 27
Above: While original Donald Judd designs are pricey, these lookalike sofas, in A Reimagined Ranch House: An Artist’s Family Home, Ikea Kitchen and DIY Bath Ideas Included, were a risky budget find from Live Auctioneers at $200 each: “I bought them without seeing them firsthand and had to pay $400 for shipping; they were so worth it,” says homeowner and painter/installation artist Maya Schindler. To spruce them up, she swapped the daybed’s 1960s base cushions with inexpensive foam bases from a local nautical upholsterer and wrapped them with drop cloths and sheepskins.

N.B.: The original version of this story ran on May 10, 2018, and has been updated and expanded with new finds.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the article about?

The article is about Donald Judd sofas made from Plywood.

Who is Donald Judd?

Donald Judd was an American artist, designer, and writer who is known for his minimalist aesthetic.

Are the Donald Judd sofas commercially available?

No, they are not commercially available. They were designed and made by Donald Judd for his own use, and some were also made for specific commissions.

What is special about the Plywood used in the sofas?

The Plywood used in the sofas is very high quality and extremely durable, which allows it to support the weight of a person without bending or breaking.

What is the design of the Donald Judd sofas?

The Donald Judd sofas are designed with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring simple geometric shapes and clean lines. They are also very functional and comfortable to sit on.

What is the cost of a Donald Judd sofa?

Since the sofas are not commercially available, there is no set cost for them. However, some examples of Judd's work have sold for millions of dollars at auction.

Where can I see a Donald Judd sofa?

You can see some examples of the Donald Judd sofas in various museums and galleries around the world. Some private collectors may also have them on display.

Can I make my own Donald Judd sofa?

While it is possible to make your own Donald Judd sofa, it would require a lot of skill and knowledge in woodworking. It's also important to note that the design is copyrighted and not available for commercial use.

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