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Shopper’s Diary: Singular Finds from Nora Khereddine Objects in Munich


Shopper’s Diary: Singular Finds from Nora Khereddine Objects in Munich

March 18, 2021

A few weeks back we were alerted, via T magazine, to a new housewares shop in the heart of Munich: Nora Khereddine Objects. All of us were rapidly enamored, emailing back and forth from our respective houses with our wish-list finds. From Moroccan Tamegroute ceramics in impossibly dark, earthy greens to ever-so-slim taper candles, it’s the sort of shop that feels filled with unexpected discovery—all curated by Nora, a former lifestyle editor herself.

Take a look at a few of her offerings:

a deep green, sculptural tamegroute candleholder #\1\1 (€69), one of man 9
Above: A deep green, sculptural Tamegroute Candleholder #11 (€69), one of many pieces available.

“The pottery workshops of Tamegroute date back to the 17th century and are among the oldest in the country,” according to the description on Nora Khereddine Objects. “The artisans collect the clay from deep holes in the ground up to ten meters deep. The signature green glaze contains a high proportion of manganese, copper, silica, cobalt, barley flour and stone powder. The components are mixed with water and left to thicken for few days. The firing process produces the characteristic green color.” This one is handmade by a potter named Said, “one of our favorite potters in the Moroccan village of Tamegroute.”

Above: Among the wares from Switzerland- and Ghana-based Kathrin Eckhardt Studio: a Laundry Basket with Folding Handle (left; €189) and Mushroom Basket (right, €239), both handwoven by artisans in Ghana.

we love the simplicity of the ovo things porcelain canele candle holder (Ȋ 12
Above: We love the simplicity of the Ovo Things Porcelain Canele Candle Holder (€18), just the right size for a set of Ovo Things Five Birthday Candles (€7.50), “handmade in Lithuania from local farmers’ beeswax” and available with blue- or red-toned wicks.

Above L: The Pallarès Solsona Handmade Kitchen Knife with Wooden Handle (€22.50 each) is made with a stainless-steel blade. More on the makers, via Nora Khereddine Objects: “The Spanish company Pallarès was founded in 1917 in the Catalan town of Solsona and is the only reminder of the towns knife-making tradition that dates back to the 16th century. Every Pallarès knife is hand-stamped and sharpened by hand.” Above R: The Hand-Turned “Chawan” Oak Bowl (€120) is by Munich-based artist Fritz Baumann.

from artist steffi bauer, created especially for nora khereddine objects: sets  15
Above: From artist Steffi Bauer, created especially for Nora Khereddine Objects: Sets of Three Floral Postcards (€6 for a set of three). One set features delphinium, clematis and echinacea; the other, poppies and two varieties of cosmos (shown).

“The postcards were printed by the Munich risography studio Herr & Frau Rio on the finest uncoated paper,” according to Nora Khereddine Objects. “Risography that is similar to screen printing is considered to be the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving printing process.”

a handcrafted walnut chair (€\1,\250), just one of the items on off 16
Above: A Handcrafted Walnut Chair (€1,250), just one of the items on offer from woodworker Fabian Fischer from his hometown of Freiburg, Germany. “The furniture worker learned his craft in Madison, Wisconsin, and brought his skills back to Germany in 2016,” reports the Nora Khereddine site. “The German issue of Architectural Digest called him George Nakashima’s spiritual heir.”

We also like Fischer’s selection of kitchen spoons, like this Handcarved Wooden Spoon (€68), available via Nora Khereddine.

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