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Green Is the New Black: Rugs by Ilse Crawford, Inspired by the Swedish Landscape


Green Is the New Black: Rugs by Ilse Crawford, Inspired by the Swedish Landscape

June 18, 2018

New from Ilse Crawford, for rug company Kasthall: Grönska, a collection of five rugs inspired by the landscape around Kasthall’s workshops in Kinna, Sweden, with patterns and hues meant to evoke the country’s terrain across the seasons. Here’s a look.

the small collection includes three hand woven rugs and two hand tufted rugs in 17
Above: The small collection includes three hand-woven rugs and two hand-tufted rugs in total, one of which is a limited-edition. Fåra, shown above, is hand-woven with an “irregular quality” that exposes the white wool below. “This gives the appearance of earth and fields that have just been ploughed,” Kasthall says. It’s available in four colors, reflecting the seasons and named for the months: Januari, Mars, Juli, and November.

Above L: Åker is the limited-edition rug (each numbered 1-50, like a fine art print) with a variety of tuft styles across its stripes, meant to evoke the farmland around the Kasthall factory. It’s made of 80 percent wool and 20 percent linen and is only available in green. Above R: The Täppa rug, available in four colors, is hand-tufted, with wool creating the rich background and linen threads that create a pattern that “like seedlings that have just sprouted.”

a &#8\2\20;thin and light&#8\2\2\1; rug, Äng, is hand woven with o 20
Above: A “thin and light” rug, Äng, is hand-woven with over-dyed yarns (specially designed for the collection) and contrasting lines of chenille, “to bring subtle depth and variations in color like those found within the fields and meadows of Sweden,” the company says. It’s also available in four colors—these Januari, Juni, September, and November.
hand woven in &#8\2\20;a thick chenille yarn,&#8\2\2\1; glänt 21
Above: Hand-woven in “a thick chenille yarn,” Glänta “is woven in such a way that it reveals the structure of the weft yarn beneath, to give the rug a beautiful irregularity and the impression of light flecks of earth peeking out from within a glade.” It’s available in a wide spectrum of hues, from cool grey Februari to a brighter Juni (shown) to almost-black Oktober and December.

N.B.: The collection debuted at Milan Design Week last month. For more information, see the Grönska Collection; for ordering information, see Kasthall’s Find Us page.

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