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Current Obsessions: A Guide to Feasting


Current Obsessions: A Guide to Feasting

November 18, 2023

Ready for Thanksgiving? If not, don’t fret; bookmark our mini guides to trusty cooking essentials, polishing the good silver, fun last-minute candleholders, an under-$10 centerpiece, making no-waste broth, throwing an artful outdoor feast, hosting without the stress, and—when the night is over—storing leftovers well.


this week on gardenista: heavenly scents and forever arrangements at the quiet  17
Above: This week on Gardenista: Heavenly Scents and Forever Arrangements at The Quiet Botanist in Hudson, NY (or: Fall Arrangement Inspiration Aplenty).
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Frequently asked questions

What is Remodelista?

Remodelista is a website and online magazine that offers inspiration and resources for home remodeling and design.

What is 'Current Obsessions'?

'Current Obsessions' is a series of articles on Remodelista that highlight the team's current favorite design trends, products, and ideas.

What is 'A Remodelista Guide to Feasting' about?

'A Remodelista Guide to Feasting' is an article that provides tips, ideas, and inspiration for hosting a stylish and memorable gathering, particularly focused on the dining and table setting aspects.

What can I expect to find in the article?

The article will feature stunning visual examples of table settings, information on how to choose tableware, tips for creating a festive ambiance, and suggestions for menu planning.

Who is the article intended for?

The article is intended for anyone interested in hosting a well-designed and thoughtfully curated dining experience, whether it be a dinner party, holiday celebration, or special occasion.

Are there any specific themes covered in the article?

While the article covers a range of ideas and designs, it does mention rustic autumnal themes and provides inspiration for Thanksgiving feasting as well.

Can I find product recommendations in the article?

Yes, the article often includes product recommendations for tableware, linens, decorations, and other relevant items, allowing readers to easily source and purchase the featured items.

How frequently do they publish 'Current Obsessions' articles?

The frequency of 'Current Obsessions' articles varies, as they are published based on the team's latest discoveries and inspirations. However, Remodelista consistently releases new content, so there's always something fresh to explore.

Can I submit my own design ideas or suggestions to Remodelista?

Yes, you can submit your own design ideas, projects, or suggestions to Remodelista. They encourage readers to share their inspirations and creations through their website.

How can I stay updated on Remodelista's latest content?

You can stay updated on Remodelista's latest content by regularly visiting their website or by subscribing to their newsletter, which delivers new articles and design inspiration directly to your inbox.

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