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Trend Alert: Checkerboard Tiles


Trend Alert: Checkerboard Tiles

September 14, 2023

Bold checked tiles have of late been patterning every room in the house, lending a balance of order, cohesion, and punch.

Here are some standout examples in a spectrum of colors: as classic checkerboard flooring, of course, and also as wainscoting, window frames, kitchen counters, and the bottom of a splashy swimming pool.

a marine blue and white checkerboard greets visitors to casa cabanyal, a \1946  17
Above: A marine blue-and-white checkerboard greets visitors to Casa Cabanyal, a 1946 fisherman’s house in Valencia, Spain, newly updated by architects María Daroz and David Puerta of Viruta Lab. Photograph by David Zarzoso. courtesy of Viruta Lab.
madrid designers iñigo aragón and pablo lópez navarro of casa jo 18
Above: Madrid designers Iñigo Aragón and Pablo López Navarro of Casa Josephine are known for their clever applications of black and white tiles. This cement-tiled window alcove is in the their own country retreat in La Losa, Spain: tour the house in our recent feature Geometry Prize. Photograph by Pablo Zamora courtesy of Casa Josephine.
the blue and white checks continue at cabanyal house by viruta lab in valencia, 19
Above: The blue-and-white checks continue at Cabanyal house by Viruta Lab in Valencia, Spain. Photograph by David Zarzoso courtesy of Viruta Lab.
a checked hall connects this pocket office to the kitchen in a la rioja, spain, 20
Above: A checked hall connects this pocket office to the kitchen in a La Rioja, Spain, house designed by architect David D. Iriondo of Diriondo Studio. Photograph by Pablo Gómez-Ogando.
katherine jean plumb of swedish online print shop kjp studio (@shopkjp) teamed  21
Above: Katherine Jean Plumb of Swedish online print shop KJP Studio (@shopkjp) teamed up with her husband to upgrade the kitchen in their historic miner’s house. They learned to tile by remodeling their bathroom and then continued here. The tiling on the kitchen’s original wood stove and the existing blue cabinets served as inspiration. Photograph by Katherine Jean Plumb.
spotted on danish magazine rum interior design&#8\2\17;s instagram feed, @r 22
Above: Spotted on Danish magazine RUM Interior Design’s Instagram feed, @Rum_ID: “A 20-second scene from Luca Guadagnino’s film Call Me By Your Name inspired stylist Trine Kjaer and her husband, DJ Nicholas Kawamura, to create their dream kitchen in collaboration with Vivre Kitchen.” Photograph by Enok Holsegard. spotted on danish magazine rum interior design&#8\2\17;s instagram feed, @r 23Above: Gesa Hansen updated the kitchen in her 19th century house in Courances, France, but preserved the original floor: see The Scandinavian-German Designer’s Family Quarters Outside of Paris and Kitchen of the Week.
tiles run from floor to shower in a bathroom at sunny corner, a riverfront rent 24
Above: Tiles run from floor to shower in a bathroom at Sunny Corner, a riverfront rental in New South Wales, Australia, designed by Tamsin Johnson. Photograph courtesy of Tamsin Johnson Interiors.
architects suleïma ben achour and antoine lallement of studio classico gav 25
Above: Architects Suleïma Ben Achour and Antoine Lallement of Studio Classico gave this Paris bathroom a checked floor. See more of the firm’s first project in our feature, Order and Pattern: A Spirited Apartment Remodel By Two Young Architects. Photograph by Marvin Leuvrey and Charlotte Robin courtesy of Studio Classico.
bert & may cement square tiles in bay and marigold pattern a greenhouse bac 26
Above: Bert & May cement square tiles in Bay and Marigold pattern a greenhouse backsplash. The London company’s handmade tiles—including a notable array of checks and stripes—are available stateside starting September 21 via Martin Kesselman’s Tribeca studio, Incolour.
a standout checkerboard in mérida from mexican: a journey through design,  27
Above: A standout checkerboard in Mérida from Mexican: A Journey Through Design, Newell Turner’s new book published by Vendome Press.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the trend of checkerboard tiles?

The trend of checkerboard tiles involves using tiles with a pattern composed of alternating colors, commonly black and white, to create a checkered effect.

Where can checkerboard tiles be used?

Checkerboard tiles can be used in various areas of the home, such as kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, or even as a statement flooring choice in living areas.

What are the advantages of using checkerboard tiles?

Using checkerboard tiles can add a bold and visually striking element to a space. It can create a timeless and classic look while allowing for versatility in terms of color combinations and design possibilities.

Are checkerboard tiles suitable for small spaces?

Checkerboard tiles can work well in small spaces, as the alternating pattern can create an illusion of depth and visually expand the area.

What styles of decor go well with checkerboard tiles?

Checkerboard tiles can complement a range of interior styles, such as retro, farmhouse, contemporary, or even eclectic. They offer a flexible backdrop for various design aesthetics.

How do you maintain checkerboard tile floors?

To maintain checkerboard tile floors, regular sweeping and mopping with a gentle cleaner should suffice. It's important to avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools to prevent damage to the tiles.

Can checkerboard tiles be installed by DIY enthusiasts?

Checkerboard tiles can be installed by DIY enthusiasts with some prior experience or willingness to learn. However, it's recommended to consult professional tile installers for complex or large-scale projects.

Where can one find checkerboard tiles?

Checkerboard tiles can be found at various tile suppliers, home improvement stores, or through online retailers specializing in tiles and flooring materials.

Are checkerboard tiles a long-lasting trend?

Checkerboard tiles have been used in interior design for decades and continue to be a popular choice. While design trends may evolve, the timeless appeal of checkerboard tiles suggests they will remain an option for years to come.

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