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World’s Best Restaurant Gets a Makeover

November 05, 2012 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Copenhagen restaurant Noma gets a subtle makeover (or maybe we should say makeunder); Danish designers Space Copenhagen have given the interiors a moodier look, with a palette that edges toward black and white.

The renovation took place while the Noma team was in London for the Olympics, so the designers had exactly three weeks to rework the interiors. By introducing new pieces from J.L Molller and a new custom-designed Ren chair and sofa (part of a new collection for Stellarworks), Space moved the look of the interiors "1,000 kilometers north," as owner Rene Redzepi says.

N.B. Go to Restaurant Visit: Noma in Copenhagen to see the restaurant's previous incarnation.

Above: Space introduced new chairs and tables of their own design.

Above: The designers aimed to "protect the honest, earthy feel of the restaurant."

Above: Rough-hewn beams contrast with the new sleek counters and surfaces.

Above: A new pale oak floor runs throughout the restaurant.

Above: Fur pelts and dark fabric drapes provide a softening element.

Above: The understated decor in the dining room allows the food to take center stage.

Above: Reservations must be booked months in advance; flaming torches signify that this will be no ordinary dining experience.