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Trend Alert: 12 Kitchens with Brass Accents

July 18, 2014 1:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Spotted recently: minimalist kitchens warmed up with brass accents (kitchen islands, backsplashes, cabinetry).

Above: A kitchen with brass-clad island by Jamie Blake of Blakes London.

Above: A Stockholm flat by Sandell Sandberg architects with a brass-clad kitchen island. Photograph by Pia Walin.

Above: Bower House, in Islington, by London architects Dominic McKenzie.

Above: A brass backsplash in a project by Edwards Moore (see more at The Magic of Two Courtyards in Melbourne).

Above: Dimore Studio photographed by Henry Bourne for the New York Times (see more at Ancient Meets Modern in a Milan Apartment).

Above: A kitchen with brass-clad island by Jamie Blake of Blakes London.

Above: A brass-clad kitchen work surface in a Stockholm apartment designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Above: Brass cabinets in a kitchen by Australia-based designer Fiona Lynch.

Above: A brass-clad island in the home of Auckland, New Zealand–based architect Michael O’Sullivan and his partner, Melissa Schollum. Photograph by Patrick Reynolds via Dwell.

Above: The TD Beam Kitchen, designed by Tom Dixon and Lindholdt Studio, features brass-clad work surfaces and cabinetry. The TD Beam Kitchen shown here is at the Dock Kitchen restaurant, in London. Photograph via Tom Dixon.

Above: A patinated brass-clad island in a converted Oxfordshire church, designed by Rupert Bevan with Harriet Holgate.

Above: In his Paris apartment, designer Jean-Louis Deniot covered his cabinetry in warm hammered silver. Photograph via Jean-Louis Deniot.

Hard to believe but true: 11 Kitchen Islands Gone Glamorous. For more inspiration, go to Brass Faucets for the Kitchen and Steal This Look: A Glamorous London Kitchen by a Designer with “Shitloads of Talent.”