ISSUE 23  |  Summer Essentials

Tile & Countertop: Quartzite Super White Countertop Stone

June 09, 2010 1:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Designer and stylist Joe Williamson, a veteran of the remodeling world (see House Call: Favorite Renovation Blogs), clued us in to Quartzite Super White, a countertop stone that looks like marble but wears like granite. "We recently renovated our kitchen and couldn't decide what to use for our countertops," he says. "Marble is the prettiest, but it scratches, chips, and stains easily. Granite is durable, but really only belongs in Jersey McMansions. Then we were introduced to Quartzite Super White, a naturally occurring stone. It looks like a heavily veined gray and white marble, but is as dense and durable as granite. I think we paid about $90/foot installed. We couldn't be happier with it." Williamson sourced his quartzite countertop material from the Stone Company of the Berkshires. For more kitchen counters, see our recent post 10 Easy Pieces: Remodelista's Kitchen Countertop Picks.

N.B. Please send us your countertop stories; any more options out there we're missing?