ISSUE 93  |  Eastern Europe

Basics for the Windowsill Gardener, Poland Edition

October 08, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

A few months ago, This Is Paper, one of our favorite design magazines, opened an online shop selling its own small-batch kitchenwares and backpacks. The Warsaw, Poland-based group has recently branched out: it’s now offering simple, beautifully packaged garden basics mostly sourced from manufacturers in Poland. The collection is geared to those like the crew at This Is Paper, who “have to conjure a garden on a very small scale on windowsills.”

To see the full line and place orders, go to This Is Paper.

Above: Small Square Peat Pots, “your seed’s first home”; €3 for a set of four.

Above: Wooden Plant Markers in a pack of 10; €5.

Above: After the seedling is big enough, peat pots can be planted and are fully biodegradable.

Above: Certified organic seeds from Poland, including these Parsley Seeds, are sold in This Is Paper-designed packages with planting and sowing guidelines; €3.50 a packet.

Above: The This Is Paper apron, made of cotton with an adjustable leather strap; €29.50.

Above: Hiroshi Scissors for small plant maintenance; €19.50. Jute Twine Spool; €6; 

Above: Peat Pallets expand as your seedlings grow. When big enough, the plant and pallet together can be planted in a pot; €10 for a set of ten.

Above: A made-in-Poland enameled bucket, €22.50.

Above: The Coco Besom broom from Japan; €24.50.

For more about This Is Paper, see A Back to Basics Approach To Living, Warsaw Edition. And go to Gardenista for everything you need to know about windowsill gardening, including 5 Favorites: Planting Pots for Starting Seeds Indoors.