ISSUE 17  |  North Country

A Philosopher Turned Ceramicist, Quebec Edition

April 29, 2014 3:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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“Is there any older, quieter, or finer craft than pottery?” asks Quebec-based ceramicist Renaud Sauve of Atelier Des Cent-Ans. “The clay to which the potter gives form is a basic material, one of the most ordinary and simple found in nature.” Sauve, a philosophy major turned Cirque de Soleil set builder, segued into ceramics after taking a class at the Centre de Ceramique Bonsecours. He now lives and works in Irlande, a remote town in Bois-Francs, Quebec, where he communes with nature, sources clay from nearby streams, and works in his pottery studio. Juli and John of Mjölk paid a visit not long ago; see their photos here (they also offer select pieces at Mjölk).

Above: A simple cake stand in Sauve’s studio.

Above: An assortment of Atelier Des Cent-Ans tea vessels atop a wood stand by Gilbert Garcia; go to Mjölk for more information.

Above: Simple, sculptural forms characterize Sauve’s work.

Above: A closeup of the Atelier Des Cent-Ans cake stand.

Above: A collection of Atelier Des Cent-Ans tea ceremony pieces.

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