Table of Contents: Summery Kitchens by

Issue 30 · Summery Kitchens · July 28, 2014

Table of Contents: Summery Kitchens

Issue 30 · Summery Kitchens · July 28, 2014

Come on over to our place. This week we're hanging out in the kitchen (the easy, breezy, produce-filled kitchen that feels like an oasis, that is). Join us for foraged bouquets, peak-season tabletop ideas, and, yes, inspired kitchen designs.

Summery Kitchens Remodelista Issue


Jacob May cutting board from Quitokeeto | Remodelista

Above: We have a weakness for cutting boards—and you will too after seeing Alexa's latest find in today's Kitchen Accessories post. Also, watch for Julie's roundup of Kitchen Storage Tricks stolen from the bathroom (hint: tiled soap niches aren't just for showers).


Louesa Roebuck qunce and thyme arrangement for Remodelista

Above: In Tuesday's Floral Arrangements post, Bay Area renegade florist Louesa Robuck gathers some backyard bounty and shows us how to make her signature foraged bouquets. 


Eatrip in Japan  shot by Aya Brackett| Remodelista

Above: This simple farm cafe in Tokyo—also shown in our cover image—is filled with kitchen design takeaway. Watch for Wednesday's Restaurant Visit. Photograph by Aya Brackett for Remodelista.


SF Noe Valley kitchen remodel by Jute | Remodelista

Above: A skillful overhaul (with Before and Afters): Thursday's Rehab Diary presents a small, closed-in kitchen turned open and airy. 


Hilary Robertson summer fruit tabletop for Remodelista

 Above: In Ask the Expert, star stylist Hilary Robertson—aka Mrs. Robertson—offers advice on setting an inspired summery table, no-fuss edition. Take a look at Hilary's new book.

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