Steal This Look: Neon in the Kitchen by

Issue 12 · Color Coded · March 20, 2012

Steal This Look: Neon in the Kitchen

Issue 12 · Color Coded · March 20, 2012

Norwegian ceramicist Silje Aune Eriksen is drawn to, as she puts it, "things that shout a little louder." This is patently obvious when you take a look at her kitchen.

Featured in the March issue of Elle Decor Norway, Eriksen's sunny loft apartment is highlighted with fluorescent orange. In her interiors, clothing, and ceramics, Eriksen likes to "keep it simple...but when it comes to color, I like it bright." We particularly like Eriksen's kitchen, which has inflicted us with a kind of fluoro-fever and sent us on the hunt for neon details.

Photography by Trine Thorsen.

Silje Aune Eriksen's white kitchen with fluorescent accents

Above: The fluorescent accents stand out in Silje Aune Eriksen's all-white kitchen. For more photos of her home, see her blog This Is.

A modern kitchen in Norway

Above: The hallway leading to the kitchen features a number of Eriksen's ceramics, which she sells through Hviit.

Color Cord Hanging Pendant

Above: The Color Cord Hanging Pendant comes with a silver bowl bulb; $85 from Earth Sea Warrior on Etsy.

Offcut Stool by Tom Dixon

Above: Tom Dixon's Offcut Stool in fluoro; $235 at Lumens.

Woody Shelving System

Above: Hay Denmark's Woody Shelving System features removable shelves; $896 from A + R Store.

Black Versa Stripe Rug

Above: Black Versa Stripe Rug; $775 for the 8-by-10-foot size at Madeline Weinrib Atelier.

Fluorescent Washi Tape

Above: Eriksen likes to tape up photos with Fluorescent Washi Tape in deep orange; $3.75 per roll from Little Happy Things on Etsy.

Tea Towels by Hay | Remodelista

Above: Hay & Scholten & Baijing's Tea Towels; $32 for a set of two at A + R Store.

About A Chair by Hee Welling

Above: The About A Chair is by Danish designer Hee Welling; $336 at the Finnish Design Shop.

Krummi Bird Hanger with Wire from Mjolk

Above: Krummi Bird Hanger with Wire; $45 from Mjolk in Toronto.

Yellow Orange Fluorescent Spray Paint

Above: Eriksen painted a few wooden beams and accents around the house in neon red-orange. UV Centre's Fluorescent Brushable Paint is £29.90 per liter. Another option is Krylon's Yellow Orange Fluorescent Spray Paint; $4.99 from Amazon.

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