ISSUE 9  |  Spring Finds

Shopper’s Diary: @WorkDesign in Chicago

March 03, 2010 9:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

We love the philosophy of Chicago newcomer @WorkDesign. With more people melding living and working space, founder Julia Archer saw a need for a store focusing on furnishings, products, and supplies for the home work space. "Every item we sell, from a notebook to a desk, must be aesthetically appealing, make good functional sense, and offer sound value," she says. "It must maximize the use of space. It must be adaptable to different environments. And, of course, it must communicate clearly and boldly your appreciation of good design." As longtime fans of SCP, a UK company, we were thrilled to find several of their pieces among @WorkDesign’s appealing collection of products. 


Above: SCP’s wall-mounted Jeeves Coat Rack is crafted of European oak; $250.

Above: Idea International Bell Alarm Clock; $65.

Above: The Formosa Perpetual Calendar is 12.5 inches square; $265.

Above: SCP’s Compass Trestle Table with solid beech trestles and a 35.5-by-70.5-inch white laminate tabletop; $1,290.

Above: LAX Series Bookshelf by Mash Studios of solid English walnut measures 72 inches wide by 75 inches high by 15 inches deep; $1,980.