French Industry at No. 40 in Copenhagen by

Issue 7 · Great Danes · February 18, 2014

French Industry at No. 40 in Copenhagen

Issue 7 · Great Danes · February 18, 2014

Danes seeking a break from honeyed wood and soft Gustavian grays can find refuge at No. 40 Copenhagen. The ultimate retro-modern man cave, the shop presents an eclectic array of French vintage and industrial goods: weighty metal files, dramatically scaled lighting, medical ward cast offs, and vintage locker room fare. There's also texture—woven baskets and rustic farmhouse tables—to punctuate the darkness. A healthy dose of curios, sprinkled with goods of a more intimate scale, further broaden No 40's appeal.

No. 40 Copenhagen, via The Happy mango, Remodelista

Above: Located on Gammel Kongevej, No. 40 hosts a range of French goods, from Jielde floor lamps to classic bistro fare. Image via The Happy Mango

No. 40 Copenhagen, via What Katie Does, Remodelista

Above: Nothing new: the shop specializes in storied pieces marked with the patina from years of use. Image via What Katie Does.

No. 40 Copenhagen, bistro chairs, Remodelista

Above: Vintage Luxembourg cafe chairs flank the sidewalk.

No. 40 Copenhagen, via What Katie Does 2, Remodelista

Above: An eclectic mix of rustic and industrial elements give No. 40 an earthy, grounded feel. Image via What Katie Does.

No. 40. Copenhagen, curios, Remodelista

Above: On any given day you might find vintage taxidermy or classic movie lights brightening the moody interior.

No. 40 Copenhagen, fans, Remodelista

Above: Retro fans and a model plane add a touch of whimsy.

No. 40. Copenhagen, clocks, Remodelista

Above: Industrial clocks and lights and antique gym equipment are among the staples at No. 40.

No. 40 Copenhagen, table and stools, Remodelista

Above: An industrial table and vintage drafting stools, an ensemble that would look great in a restaurant or home.

No. 40 Copenhagen, table, Remodelista

Above: No. 40 is a reliable source for mid-century lighting and rustic furniture—but you never know what you'll find on offer.

No. 40 Copenhagen, interior design, Remodelista

Above: A room furnished with finds from No. 40—demonstrating that the goods are not at all incompatible with a more traditional Scandi palette.

No. 40 Copenhagen, interior design, Remodelista

Above: Two mixed-media interiors compliments of No. 40 Copenhagen.

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