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Shopper’s Diary: Le Sanctuaire in San Francisco

March 17, 2011 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

A must-visit on any serious culinary tour of San Francisco: Le Sanctuaire, a kitchen-shop-cum-culinary-museum that caters to some of the country's most refined chefs. Owner Jing Tio specializes in obscure, cutting-edge kitchen tools and ingredients, from sous-vide chamber vacuum sealers to a library of hard-to-source oils, vinegars, and spices (organized in categories like seeds and pods; roots and barks; and flowers, leaves, and berries). Go to Le Sanctuaire for more information.

Above: A wide selection of Mauviel copper pots from France is on offer.

Above L: An array of specialty knives and utensils. Above R: The Specialty Salt Gift Box is $46.

Above: A rare Italian balsamic vinegar.

Above: Spices are also available in bulk.

Above: Le Sanctuaire offers a selection of specialty tableware.