Merchant Marine: Guideboat Co. in Mill Valley, CA by

Issue 23 · Cool Dads · June 9, 2014

Merchant Marine: Guideboat Co. in Mill Valley, CA

Issue 23 · Cool Dads · June 9, 2014

Restoration Hardware founder Stephen Gordon is back with a new retail venture called Guideboat Co. (it's where Robert Redford's character in All Is Lost might shop), celebrating "ruggedness, honesty, sexiness, authenticity, and long-lived goods."

Gordon, who grew up in the Adirondacks, spent his childhood on Lake Champlain, where he developed an appreciation for the guideboat. "They're the fastest fixed-seat rowboat in the world," he says. A few years ago, he acquired a rare 1892 J. H. Rushton guideboat and became entranced with the idea of creating an authentic, handmade rendition of the boat. With Guideboat, he's offering a trio of handmade boats (two other models in addition to the Guideboat), as well as an assortment of nautical goods, ranging from a $5 box of Stormproof matches to a handmade $315 foul weather jacket from Stutterheim in Sweden.

Gordon's doing something right: When we stopped in last weekend, Josh—that would be my husband—who is normally allergic to shopping, bought a watch (the Bertucci Field Watch, to be precise). For more information, go to Guideboat.

Photographs by Katie Newburn for Remodelista, except where noted.

Guideboat Exterior Mill Valley Remodelista

Above: The Guideboat flagship occupies a former cabinet shop on the site of what had been the Mill Valley Lumberyard.

Guideboat Mill Valley Interior Remodelista

Above: In addition to maritime accoutrements like foul weather gear and canvas tote bags, Guideboat also offers English marine lighting, including the handmade Cargo Cluster Light ($775) from Davey.

Guideboat Flashlight Mill Valley | Remodelista

Above: The stainless steel Canyon Lantern in black is $80. Photo via Guideboat.

Guideboat Interior Remodelista

Above: Gordon's California-built Guideboat features hand-joined, oil-rubbed American cherry trim and is finished in midnight blue. "Before the Hamptons, the wealthy summered in the Adirondacks," Gordon says. "Guideboats were the only way in and out, ferrying the Roosevelts and the Rockefellers to their Great Camps."

Guideboat Mill Valley Painted Oars Remodelista

Above: Gordon's team hand paints the Limited Edition Oars and Paddles on site.

Guideboat Mill Valley Growlers Remodelista

Above: Handmade Portland Ceramic Growlers (available in white or black) are $60 each. Porcelain Enamelware Mugs from Riess in Austria are $25 each.

Guideboat Interior Remodelista

Above: First built in the 1940s, the 8-foot-long Naples Sabot was named for the district of Long Beach, CA, where it was developed and launched. "It was referred to as a budget-sized yacht when it was introduced," Gordon says. "It's small, wicked fast, and maneuverable under sail."

Guideboat Product Selection Remodelista

Above: A selection of smaller goods on offer, including books (Canoeing with Nessmuk; $19.95), Venetian Shoe Cream ($8), and Stormproof Matches ($5).

Maritime Scarf Guideboat Mill Valley | Remodelista

Above: The 100-percent wool Scarf Bretagne is $55. Photo via Guideboat.

Guideboat Mill Valley Dressing Room Remodelista

Above: Dressing room curtains are made from vintage flags.

Guideboat Interior Remodelista

Above: A selection of outerware for men, ranging from a Washed Denim Chore Coat ($95) made by the Pointer family in Bristol, Tennessee, to a Navy Tote Jacket ($325) hand tailored by UK-based Guild of Labor.

Guideboat Axes Remodelista

Above: Made in North Carolina, the American Felling Axe is $175 and comes with a leather sheath.

Guideboat Mill Valley Blankets Remodelista

Above: Woolrich's 100 percent wool Allegheny Blanket, made in Pennsylvania, is $135. (Read about another classic in Object Lessons: The Hudson's Bay Point Blanket.)

Guideboat Mill Valley Sailor Jacket Remodelista

Above: On the shelves: stacks of wool US Navy blankets ($185).

Guideboat Tape Measure | Remodelista

Above: The 20-Meter Field Tape from Germany is $48.

Guideboat Adirondack Chairs Remodelista

Above: Gordon is planning to offer reproduction 1909 Willsboro Adirondack chairs, based on the original specs, made of marine plywood and finished with durable high-gloss marine paint. Photograph by Cynthia Pillsbury.

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This post is an update; the original ran on October 18, 2013.

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