ISSUE 9  |  Garden Design

Shopper’s Diary: Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco

March 02, 2009 6:38 PM

BY Julie Carlson

San Francisco indie landscape designer Flora Grubb has made a national name for herself, taking an alternative approach to the indoor and outdoor landscape–she favors non-flowering succulents and hardy, hard-to-kill plants in her quirky creations. She’s also a proponent of alternative and recycled materials–she has created gardens for Luscious Garage using old tires and car parts as planters, and her vertical garden for the Hotel Bardessono was recently featured in the New York Times. Get a sense of her style at her eponymous San Francisco shop, located in Bayview, where she sells French garden furniture, gardening books, accessories, and offers on-site espresso courtesy of Ritual Coffee. All photos from Flora Grubb or Flickr.