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Glasgow’s Coolest Concept Store (and Coffee Bar)

March 19, 2014 5:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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If we lived in Glasgow, you would likely find us typing away on our laptops and slyly inserting ourselves into the meetings and workshops held by local artists and designers at All That Is Solid, a coffee bar meets exhibition space and shop on Osborne Street in the city’s center.

Since opening in 2012, All That Is Solid has maintained its multi-purpose mission while serving up coffee from a Glasgow favorite, Dear Green Coffee Roasters. The venture is part of South Block, an initiative that mixes commercial and subsidized studio space (and reinvests income back into charitable funds), all the while supporting creative Scottish design. Here’s a look around the space thanks to UK site Blank Inside.

Above: The storefront occupies a studio complex redesigned by South Block to accommodate retail.

Above: A pair of midcentury modern chairs furnish the purposefully simple coffee shop section of All That Is Solid.

Above: A look at the espresso bar with minimalist black coffee cups and signage. On offer: tea, sandwiches, salads, and macarons.

Above: Industrial lighting suspended on wires spans the length of the All That Is Solid space.

Above: The cafe sign begs of coffee drinkers: “just please don’t mention the word ‘grande’.”

Above: On rotation is a selection of furniture, linens, home accessories, and art prints by local Glasgow designers.

Above: A selection of print works curated by GmbH Shop, a Scottish purveyor of art, fashion, and design magazines.

Above: Colorful Bauhaus-inspired wooden clocks; email All That is Solid for information on the artist, pricing, and availability.

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Location of All That Is Solid in Glasgow: