ISSUE 93  |  Eastern Europe

Transformer Furniture for Small-Space Living

October 07, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Agata Nowak’s Multifunctional Desk takes the art of transformation to a new level: it unfolds from a single desk to a table for six. A prototype that we hope will soon be put into production, the design has us wondering, should some of our other furniture should be working harder?

Nowak, a furniture and product designer based in Poznan, Poland, conceived the piece in response to her own family’s needs. Here, a look at its many guises.

Photography by Adam Markowski.

Above: The design in desk mode.

Above: A magnetic metal rack holds desk items.

Above: The designer at work.

Above: The desktop lifts up to reveal storage space.

Above: Nowak begins to take down one side of her workstation.

Above: A bungee cord threaded through a round peg hold the sides of the workstation in place.

Above: The workstation partitions become table leaves.

Above: The legs extend to support the table leaves.

Above: A small desk and work area for two.

Above: Both table leaves come down.

Above: The metal storage rack is easily removed.

Above: From workstation for one, to desk for two, to dining table for six.

Above: Putting the table away.

Above: A card table for four?

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