The City Poster Simplified and Improved by

Issue 92 · Happier at Home · October 4, 2013

The City Poster Simplified and Improved

Issue 92 · Happier at Home · October 4, 2013

The new series of city screen prints by Dublin design studio Me & Him & You head straight to the heart of each locale: a trio of landmarks and an iconic "3-4 gulps" cocktail (or, in the case of Hong Kong, a one-bite dim sum).

Founded by Ronan Dillon and Peter O'Gara, Me & Him & You designs spaces, products, books, and now posters. They say that their city prints were inspired by the long history of people from Ireland striking out for foreign destinations—and by the fact that so many of their own friends and family have left to find work elsewhere. 'We are lucky enough to have been able to visit, sample their signature drinks, and be inspired by their new homes." 

 To learn more and place an order, go to Me & Him & You.

A Screen Print of Dublin by Me&Him&You, Remodelista

Above: The designers toast their own city in the Dublin print, which they say they made special by adding a drop of Guinness to the ink and limiting the print run to 400. It's printed, they note, on Rothmill Cream, the same paper used in the original Guinness posters; €110 from Me & Him & You. 

A Screen Print of Paris by Me&Him&You, Remodelista  

Above: Paris; €60. Each print in the series of six measures approximately 19 inches by 26 inches.

A Screen Print of New York by Me&Him&You, Remodelista  

Above: New York; €60. The prints are made using solvent-free, water-based ink and traditional screen-printing techniques. 

A Screen Print of London by Me&Him&You, Remodelista  

Above: London; €60. Each print is blind embossed with the Me & Him & You company seal and accompanied by information about the project. 

A Screen Print of Berlin by Me&Him&You, Remodelista  

Above: Berlin; €60. 

Screen print of Hong Kong by Me and Him and You, Remodelista

Above: Hong Kong; €60. 

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