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Art on Demand: Singulart for the Worldy Home

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Art on Demand: Singulart for the Worldy Home

July 24, 2023

Founded in 2017 in Montreuil, France, Singulart is a platform for buying and selling art online from established artists, enabling art collectors to connect with professional artists from all over the world.

Unlike other art sites, Singulart carefully curates its artists from around the globe, from emerging artists to established and known names in the art world. On offer: paintings, prints, photography, drawings, and sculpture. The artwork prices are listed, but Singulart also makes it easy to offer a different price. In most cases, works can be returned for a full refund within 14 days, and prices are inclusive of shipping fees, duties, and taxes.

Here’s a look at some favorite pieces:

crows heart by teis albers (\$3,330). teis albers is a dutch painter whose work 18
Above: Crows Heart by Teis Albers ($3,330). Teis Albers is a Dutch painter whose works have been exhibited throughout the Netherlands. Implementing elements from nature, pop art, and street art and layering paint onto his canvases, he produces large works that feature exploding florals, intriguing figures, and flying shapes. “My works are a mix of illustration, typography, photography, and various compilation techniques,” he says.
Überfluss by eva yeh (\$6,6\10). eva yeh is an award winning painter and s 19
Above: Überfluss by Eva Yeh ($6,610). Eva Yeh is an award-winning painter and sculptor based in Germany whose works have been exhibited nationally as well as in France, Switzerland, the United States, Poland, Austria, and Spain. She says her multicultural background gave her the opportunity to combine different methods of thinking and seeing. For Yeh, “waste becomes art,” which evokes her plea for the environment.
the piece 309 by robert mann (\$5,080). this 48 by 48 inch piece is made with a 20
Above: The piece 309 by Robert Mann ($5,080). This 48-by-48-inch piece is made with antiqued Venetian plaster, gold foil, and a raw red oak frame. The gold is intended to invoke a feeling of richness. “Creating a balance of awareness and gentleness, being precise and assertive while remaining loose and non-rigid, has always been the razor’s edge for me,” said the artist.
champs du nord \2 by sophie chauchat (\$\2,900). les champs du nord \2 (3\1& 21
Above: Champs du Nord 2 by Sophie Chauchat ($2,900). Les Champs du Nord 2 (31″ by 31″) is part of a series composed during confinement, from collages on painted canvas. According to Singulart, “the whites respond to the changing greens, memories of the artist’s family origins, and Belgium.” The geometric composition of the work responds to the artist’s favorite theme at this precise moment in her work.
traffic square grey by ronald hunter (\$\2,440, including the frame). ronald ha 22
Above: Traffic Square Grey by Ronald Hunter ($2,440, including the frame). Ronald has created a new series called “Traffic,” with shapes and multiple layers of acrylic paint. This minimalist piece (39″ by 39″) adds a tranquil note and will blend in with any interior style.
auf spurensuche (\2\149) by robert süess (\$4,990). as the artist says,  23
Above: Auf Spurensuche (2149) by Robert Süess ($4,990). As the artist says, “The harmonious color scheme in this work—which is created directly on the canvas through many delicate color mixes in the tones of white, beige, gray, light gray, and sienna orange—extends over the series, like in this picture. Visible paper collage parts, scratch marks in layers of material or shapes, and elements with ink and chalk give the work a lightness and softness.”
morgenstimmung by ute meyer (\$\2,\170). according to the artist: &#8\2\20; 24
Above: Morgenstimmung by Ute Meyer ($2,170). According to the artist: “This picture is an expressive implementation of a morning mood on a cloudy day. It was created in a dynamic painting process. The oil paint was partially thinned with turpentine oil to make it smoother and more dripping. The varying gray tones contrast with the delicate blue and the Naples yellow. The canvas stretched on a stretcher frame is provided with a steel cable as a suspension. The edges are painted. The picture can be hung without a frame.”
amarillo \2 by pedro carrasco (\$4,\130). pedro carrasco is an award winning pa 25
Above: Amarillo 2 by Pedro Carrasco ($4,130). Pedro Carrasco is an award-winning painter and printmaker based in Spain whose works have been exhibited nationally as well as in Andorra, Italy, France, and Germany. Through his bold abstractions, figurative compositions, and still lifes, he endeavors to “transmit and communicate.” Above all, it’s the act of creating itself that is of the utmost importance for Carrasco. His artistic expressions are primarily translated via oils on canvas.
under the surface by sarah needham (\$\10,000). according to the artist, &# 26
Above: Under the Surface by Sarah Needham ($10,000). According to the artist, “Where the strata in the rock of the southwest coast of England hit the sea, small bays have formed… These were used by smugglers to hide their booty, secreting away that which they did not want to be found. I have used a circular motif to echo the shapes made by hidden barrels and also the evolution of early life in this the Jurassic coast. This process of obfuscation is echoed in the work, with other colors sourced from the area hidden away under a surface of blue, moving like a tidal force and in the knowledge that while tides come in they also go out, revealing what has been hidden beneath.”

For a selection of outdoor sculptures we selected from Singulart, head over to Elevate the Outdoors with Sculpture from Singulart on Gardenista. To see Singulart’s complete collection of original artworks online, visit their website where one can search and filter by type of artwork, price range, themes and styles.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Singulart?

Singulart is an online platform that connects artists with art lovers. It offers a wide selection of original artworks from artists all around the world.

How can I purchase artwork from Singulart?

To purchase artwork from Singulart, you can browse their website and select the artwork you are interested in. Then, simply follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

Can I view the artwork in person before making a purchase?

Unfortunately, Singulart is an online-only platform, so you cannot view the artwork in person. However, they provide high-quality images and detailed descriptions for each artwork to help you make an informed decision.

Does Singulart ship internationally?

Yes, Singulart offers international shipping. They work with trusted shipping partners to ensure your artwork is delivered safely to your desired location.

What is Singulart's return policy?

Singulart has a 14-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact their customer support within 14 days of receiving the artwork to initiate a return.

Can I sell my artwork on Singulart?

Yes, Singulart provides a platform for artists to sell their artwork. You can apply to become a member and submit your artwork for consideration. If selected, Singulart will handle the marketing, sales, and shipping processes for you.

How does Singulart ensure the authenticity of the artwork?

Singulart works directly with artists and verifies their identity and artistic practice. They also have a team of art experts who thoroughly examine each artwork before it is listed on the platform.

What payment methods does Singulart accept?

Singulart accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. You can choose the payment method that is most convenient for you during the checkout process.

Can I contact the artist directly?

Yes, Singulart allows you to contact the artist directly through their platform. You can ask questions, request additional information, or discuss custom orders with the artist.

Is the pricing on Singulart negotiable?

The pricing on Singulart is set by the artists themselves. While some artists may be open to negotiations, others may have fixed prices. You can use the 'Make Offer' feature on the website to see if an artist is willing to negotiate.

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Art on Demand Singulart for the Worldy Home portrait 5
Prints, Posters, & Paintings

Robert Mann 309

$5,080.00 USD from Singulart

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