A Walk on the Wild Side, Small Space Edition by

Issue 82 · Australia by Design · July 23, 2013

A Walk on the Wild Side, Small Space Edition

Issue 82 · Australia by Design · July 23, 2013

An uninhabitable hundred-year-old worker's cottage is reimagined as a drama-filled bachelor's abode, full of edgy details and custom furniture and lighting. The street-fronting facade was reinstated to its pristine original state; the only hint that all is not what it seems is the gleaming gold painted front door. Overhauled by Glenn Lamont of Melbourne-based design and manufacturing practice LifeSpaceJourney (they're the team behind coffee bar Common Galaxia, featured yesterday), is this the ultimate bachelor pad?

To see more, go to LifeSpaceJourney. Photography by Armelle Habib via LifeSpaceJourney.

Life Space Journey House Facade

Above: The restored facade looks respectable enough.

Life Space Journey House Door Remodelista

Above: "Now that we painted the original front door gold, I can always find my place after a big night out," Lamont says.

Life Space Journey House Fireplace Remodelista

Above: An original fireplace adds a traditional note to the otherwise pared-down space.

Life Space Journey Amber Apothecary Bottles Remodelista

Above: A meticulously arranged group of amber apothecary bottles creates a decorative tableau.

Life Space Journey Living Room Kitchen

Above: Vintage plough points mounted on the wall create a modernist collage.

Life Space Journey House Living Room Remodelista

Above: A view to the kitchen; all furniture, fixtures, and fittings are from LifeSpaceJourney.

Life Space Journey House Kitchen Remodelsita

Above: A yellow Vola faucet adds a dash of color to the black kitchen.

Life Space Journey Bedroom View Remodelista

Above: A small bedroom is tucked behind the living area.

Life Space Journey House Bedroom Remodelista

Above: In the bedroom, things are simple, with a suspended reading light and not much more. 

Life Space Journey Bedroom Full View Remodelista

Above: LifeSpaceJourney's Copper Lights provide bedside illumination.

Life Space Journey Lock Detail

Above: A row of vintage lockboxes serves as a wall mural.

Life Space Journey Bathroom

Above: A minimalist bath.

Life Space Journey Deck View Remodelista

Above: A view to the small fenced-in deck area off the rear of the house.

Life Space Journey deck fire pit

Above: The steel firepit is made by LifeSpaceJourney.

Life Space Journey House Shed Remodelista

Above: A tool shed is cleverly concealed behind the deck walls.

Life Space Journey House Side View Remodelsita

Above: A side view of the house.

Life Space Journey Rear Deck

Above: Entry to the rear deck area is via sliding steel doors.

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