ISSUE 11  |  Black, White & Gray

Hotels & Lodging: Moka & Vanille in Belgium

March 17, 2011 10:15 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Discovered via Belgian Pearls: Moka & Vanille, a restored farmhouse turned guest house located in Heusden-Zolder, a village in the Belgian province of Limburg. Owner (and interior designer) Dorien Cooreman has meticulously overhauled the interior, creating an understated, luxurious sanctuary—custom-designed linens, ceramics by Anja Meeusen of PTZE Porselein, and solid oak pieces from furniture maker Malvini.

Above: The brick farmhouse is surrounded by meadows and forest.

Above L: A pared-down modern kitchen with oak cabinetry and gray limepainted walls. Above R: Delicate porcelain vases by Anja Meeusen.

Above: Cooreman used earthy limepaint throughout the interiors and linen slipcovered pieces.

Above: Hand-thrown porcelain dinnerware from Anja Meeusen.

Above: Cooreman mixes ancient elements (the original brick floor) with new pieces (white molded plywood dining chairs).

Above: In the bath, a hand-thrown porcelain basin by Anja Meeusen.

Above: A modern industrial faucet contrasts with the organically shaped basin sink.

Above: Understated luxury in the below-eaves bedrooms, attained with crisp linens designed by Cooreman, fresh paint, linen-upholstered headboards.

Photos via Moka and Vanille, Belgian Pearls, and PTZE Porselein.