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High/Low: Rugged Outdoor Shower

August 27, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

Bathing in an outdoor shower is at once luxurious and primitive: Here are two rustic outdoor shower options (at two different price points) that can withstand the elements. 

(NB: Good with tools? See Sunset’s DIY: Outdoor Shower to build your own affordable outdoor shower retreat.)

Above: An outdoor shower at the Atlantic Byron Bay resort in Australia.

Above: The Sonoma Forge WaterBridge (WB1080) Exposed Shower is the most feature-loaded of their deck-mount shower line. It includes a rain showerhead, hand shower, and a separately controlled foot wash; $5,057 through Home and Stone. The same deck-mounted shower, Sonoma Forge Waterbridge (WB1040) Exposed Shower, is available without the hand shower and foot wash; $3,527. 

Above: For a wall-mount option, the Sonoma Forge Waterbridge Wall Mount Exposed Shower (WB870) with a foot wash is $3,485 through Home and Stone. Without the footwash, the Sonoma Forge Waterbridge Wall Mount Exposed Shower (WB840) is $2,422.

Above: Sonoma Forge Waterbridge Showers include an 8-inch rain showerhead.


Above: The Maycreek Deluxe Outdoor Shower features a 6-inch diameter rain showerhead, as well as a 4-inch diameter foot shower. Both have swivel functions; $899.95 at Signature Hardware. 

Above: Made of solid stainless steel, the Maycreek Deluxe Outdoor Shower includes stainless pipes with shut-off adapters.

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