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Modern Mexican Kitchen Style: El Montero in Saltillo

June 26, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Janet Hall

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In a town that has a split personality (it has been called both the Athens and the Detroit of Mexico), El Montero restaurant pays homage to the natural beauty of its location. Located in Saltillo, a city in the northern Coahuila region of Mexico, El Montero’s rustic and refined space (and all the details ranging from the logo to the gold stamped paper placemats) was designed by Anagrama, located in nearby Monterey and Mexico City. 

Images via Anagrama.

Above: El Montero “New Country Kitchen” restaurant is situated in a colonial-era building considered to be of national historic importance. 

Above: An exterior buffet under a custom floating chandelier. 

Above: Antique elements comfortably combine with modern objects in the outside covered dining area. 

Above: The terrace offers linear cactus screens. To recreate this look, see Jeanne’s post Cactus as Glamorous Privacy Fencing over on Gardenista. 

Above: A single terrace table.

Above: The main dining room features a custom chandelier crafted with four kilometers of chain.

Above: The menu is focused on regional foods. We can’t help but admire the wood serving plates and the cast iron Staub pan.

Above: Tom Dixon pendant lights grace the second dining room, where the designers left the old stone wall visible through a new screen of sorts.

Above: Gold and white vessels adorn shelves behind the bar.

Above: A gilded mirror hangs on a rustic stone wall in the bathroom.

Above: El Montero sells their own line of specialty products including preserves, pickled vegetables, wines, and candles. The packaging was part and parcel of Anagrama’s design.

And if you go to El Montero, take some time to explore Old Saltillo, which was built from pink marble and limestone and contains many impressive colonial buildings.  The city is famously produces rustic earthen ceramic tile and is said to be the birthplace of the serape.

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