DIY: Three Fabric Printing Techniques, Rolling Pin Included by

Issue 92 · Happier at Home · October 2, 2013

DIY: Three Fabric Printing Techniques, Rolling Pin Included

Issue 92 · Happier at Home · October 2, 2013

Ever since we posted about Ariele Alasko's hand-stamped upholstered chair, I've been on the lookout for more DIY fabric-printing ideas. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Finnish photographer Kreetta's blog Gretchen Gretchen. Over a three day creative streak, she tackled three easy DIY fabric-printing techniques. Here, she shows us her materials and results.

Photos by Kreetta Järvenpää of Gretchen Gretchen.   

Rolling-pin used to Print Fabric, Remodelista  

Above: Starting with her trusty wooden rolling pin, she attached cut-out dots made of adhesive plastic foam.

Hand-printed Fabric using a Rolling Pin, Remodelista  

Above: Kreetta rolled the pin over an old duvet cover that already had a romantic pattern. The new print was inspired by a pearl necklace.  

Hand-blocked Fabric, Remodelista   

Above. The rolling pin was also used to make this harlequin print. 

DIY Wood-Block Printing Fabric, Remodelista  

Above: On day two, Kreetta carved a wooden block into an arrow pattern. 

DIY Carved Wood for Printing Fabric, Remodelista   

Above: She used black ink for color. 

  DIY Wood Block Fabric Printing, Remodelista  

Above: She suggests buying the proper carving tools to save time and enhance the quality of the print. 

DIY Wooden Block and Foam Dots, Remodelista

 Above: Lastly, Kreetta used a wooden block to which she glued craft foam cut into dots of different sizes.

Hand-blocked fabric, Remodelista

 Above: She used old napkins and printed dots in four different colors. For the next go-around Kreetta plans to use linoleum and a carving set. 

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