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Boulevard Leopold: Forgotten Glory in Antwerp

January 07, 2013 9:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Owned by Bert Verschueren and Vincent Defontainers, Boulevard Leopold is located in a 19th century house in Antwerp, between the Albert Park and the City Park; the owners say their aim in the interiors was to create a sense of "forgotten glory."

With three regular rooms for rent and two larger apartments available on longer terms, the B & B, built in 1890, features a mix of antique and contemporary design. For rates and more information, visit Boulevard Leopold.

Photography by Ben Lambers and Tatjana Quax of Studio Aandacht for Design Tripper.

Above: A tabletop adorned with cloche-covered hydrangeas and black candles in crystal.

Above: A black-stained cabinet of curiosities is a mix of old books, antique crucifixes, and animal specimen.

Above: An oversized suitcase functions as a coffee table.

Above: A bathroom with tiles from 1900 in one of the two apartments available for long-term lease.

Above: Hardware from 1890 remain in tact throughout the B&B.

Above: A jungle-like dining room where the B&B serves residents breakfast; for those not staying at Boulevard Leopold, breakfast is still available for €10.

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