5 Favorites: Display-Worthy Clothes Hangers by

Issue 12 · Spring Forward · March 26, 2014

5 Favorites: Display-Worthy Clothes Hangers

Issue 12 · Spring Forward · March 26, 2014

Have you noticed? Clothes hangers are getting interesting. You don't need a closetful; just one or two will do—for displaying a favorite frock or a collection of scarves or necklaces.

March SF Clothes Hanger/Remodelista

Above: The handmade Steel Hanger from March is $40; it's lovely (Alexa has one).

Anthropologie Clothes Hanger/Remodelista

Above: The vintage-inspired collapsible Flex Hanger is $14 from Anthropologie.

Hay Copper Clothes Hangers/Remodelista

Above: From Danish design company Hay: we're coveting a set of five Copper Hangers; €10 from the Finnish Design Shop.

Japanese S Hangers/Remodelista

Above: Designed by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, the Sigmoid Hangers are available in two sizes ($9.24 for the large) from Rakuten Global Market.

Fog Linen Brass Hangers/Remodelista

Above: Fog Linen's brass Orbital Scarf Hanger and Oblong Scarf Hanger are $8 each at Anthropologie.

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