ISSUE 35  |  Modern Design for Children

Back to Work: Glass Memo Boards

August 28, 2008 10:20 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Equally suited to a child’s or a grownup’s work space, these magnetized glass memo boards from Danish Design are available in 15 colors, ranging from light blue to leaf green to rose, and come in several sizes (starting at about 16 by 20 inches and going up to 47 by 79 inches). For ordering information, go to Suite NY.

Below: Alternatively, Ikea’s frosted glass Kludd Noticeboard is $19.99. Uses whiteboard pens and comes with 4 large paper clips.

Below: Topdeq’s Nice Notice Marker Board of enameled glass is not cheap: it starts at $340 for the 35 by 24 size, but it’s appealingly sleek, especially compared to the traditional office whiteboard.