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10 Favorites: Interior Glass Windows

February 08, 2012 12:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Noticed (and admired): interior walls with windows to allow light to pass from room to room, especially important during the winter months.

Above: A bathroom in a Paris apartment via the Living Agency.

Above: A window in a stairway landing; from the portfolio of Sheila Narusawa Architects.

Above: Windows between Plain English’s Osea Kitchen and utility room can be seen at the company’s Marylebourne outpost. See more of the kitchen in our post: Steal This Look: Osea Laundry Room.

Above: A Paris atelier from the portfolio of Sarah Lavoine.

Above: Windows and a metal frame door open into a bedroom designed by Marianne Evennou in Paris.

Above: Meg Ryan’s kitchen in Martha’s Vineyard via Elle Decor.

Above: Clerestory height windows from the portfolio of photographer Per Gunnarsson.

Above: A bedroom in a Paris atelier, via Sarah Lavoine.

Above: An apartment found on 1st Options.

Above: An interior from the portfolio of Sarah Lavoine.