5 Quick Fixes: Vintage Ironing Boards as Decor

May 09, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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For years a vintage wooden ironing board sat in the basement of my childhood home; last summer I dragged it upstairs into the dining room and repurposed it as a side table (because of its narrow profile, it fits perfectly in an awkward corner). Suddenly I’m obsessed with ironing boards as tables; here are some examples spotted recently:

Above: A wood ironing board as plant stand in Paris; via Habitat Kid.

Above: A Vintage Toy Ironing Board as plant stand; $32 from Oh Albatross on Etsy.

Above: A vintage ironing board in the home of Caitlin Van Horn of Roost, via Design Sponge.

Above: A vintage ironing board via Poppytalk.

Above: A whitewashed wood ironing board from Vintage Farm Furnishings.

Above: A laundry room featuring an ironing board as utility table, via Our Vintage Home Love.

Above: Photo via SZ Interiors.

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