5 Quick Fixes: Spice Rack Solutions by

Issue 71 · The Modern Kitchen · May 8, 2013

5 Quick Fixes: Spice Rack Solutions

Issue 71 · The Modern Kitchen · May 8, 2013

There is something undeniably pleasing about a well-designed spice rack.

When I moved into my first apartment, my top priority when stocking the kitchen was to buy little glass jars for all the hand-me-down spices that I acquired (the benefit of having a chef for a mother). Here are five quick solutions for the kitchen spice display.

Metal Tins with Clear View Tops

Above: Use Metal Tins with Clear View Tops to organize your spice drawer; $48.24 for 72 2-ounce jars from SKS Bottle. Photo from Amy Kundrat's Flickr.

Above: Spices hung neatly on the wall in the home of Allen Hemberger; photo via Design Sponge.

March Spice Jars on a Windowsill, Remodelista

Above: The humble beginnings of my spice collection starts with March Pantry's black glass jars designed by Design is Play and available at MARCH in San Francisco.

Dean and Deluca Spice Rack

Above: Dean and Deluca Spice Rack; $175 from Dean and Deluca. Photo via Time Out New York.

Salts in Weck Jars at Terrain, Remodelista

Above: Salts displayed in Weck jars and labeled with kraft paper stickers; $25 for the set of three each at Terrain.

Droppar Jars

Above: Create a spice drawer using Ikea's Droppar Jars made of glass and stainless steel; $9.99 each.

This isn't our only kitchen storage secret; take a look at our post on 10 Strategies for Hiding the Microwave.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on April 11, 2012.

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