5 Quick Fixes: Impromptu Clothes Hooks by

Issue 1 · A Clean Slate · January 4, 2012

5 Quick Fixes: Impromptu Clothes Hooks

Issue 1 · A Clean Slate · January 4, 2012

In my San Francisco railroad-style flat, I am often searching for ways to refresh our dark and narrow hallway. Here are five functional and appealing solutions for hanging just about anything.

Glass clothes hooks in the entryway

Above: Mismatched glass knobs, placed in a pleasingly random way. Photograph by Pierre-Jean Verger.

Antique shows used as wall hooks

Above: Vintage cobbler's molds, delightfully repurposed; image via Tara Sloggett.

Wooden coatrack dots

Above: Australian architect Steven Whiting used Coatrack Dots in his own home. (We previously wrote about these hooks in Design Sleuth: Coatrack Dots.)

Driftwood hanging coatracks on the wall

Above: A solution for the coastal dwelling: salvaged driftwood. The Installation is by artist Emma Ruth at Nationale in Portland, Oregon.

Classic vintage wall coatrack in Brooklyn

Above: Two Zinc Zig Zag Hooks at varying levels in the entryway of Elizabeth Robert's home in Brooklyn. (We wrote about these previously in Design Sleuth: Zinc Zig Zag Hook at Terrain.)

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