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5 Favorites: Wooden Bread Bins

September 30, 2015 1:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

There are times when I’ll set out on a half-hour-long pilgrimage for a single loaf of my favorite bread (no errand in New York is ever easy). The investment of time and money (it’s an artisanal loaf) is so much that every bit should be savored. I wrap the unsliced portion in a linen towel but recently I’ve noticed the crust goes soft so I’ve been taking note of appealing bread bins. It turns out, a bin with a wood component allows for just the right amount of breathability; here are five I’ve noticed lately.

Above: Cape Town’s Pedersen + Lennard wood and powder-coated-steel Breadbin has a recipe stand when flipped open; $54 directly from Pedersen + Lennard.

Above: From one of our most trusted cultivators of utility goods, Iris Hantverk, comes the Large Birch Bread Box. The simple, slatted box is £60 ($90) at Tea and Kate in the UK, who will gladly ship abroad.

Above: From Berghoff in Belgium, the Cubo Deluxe Bread Box has a rubber wood bottom, a stainless steel cover, and can store two loaves of bread; $110 at Berghoff.

Above: The John Lewis Round Bread Bin is perfect for that sort of rounded country loaf. It’s made in beech and is £35 ($53 USD) at John Lewis.

Above: The Plain Wood Bread Bin is made of sustainable birch ply and according to the designers, it can hold several loaves, even misshapen ones. Pair it with a slatted wood Breadboard to better allow the bread to breathe in the bin. The bin is £85 ($128) at Ella’s Kitchen Company.

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