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Pedersen + Lennard in Cape Town: Think Posh Ikea


Pedersen + Lennard in Cape Town: Think Posh Ikea

April 15, 2013

Imagine the functionality and clean design of Ikea, combined with the craftsmanship of a small design outfit and you have Pedersen + Lennard, a South African company focused on well-made products with a simple aesthetic.

Cape Town-based founders Luke Pedersen and James Lennard draw on their Scandinavian heritage in their work, while incorporating African influences, which are “seen in the handmade elements in our work wherever possible, as this reminds us of the tradition and skill involved in using your hands, in knowing materials and in the imperfect outcome. The African influence is one which is constantly changing as our country reshapes itself. We are glad to be part of this.”

To see more, go to Pedersen + Lennard.

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Above: James Lennard and Luke Pedersen outside their Field Office}. Pedersen points out, “The design scene in Cape Town is interesting, as the model is different from anywhere else that I’ve been to. Here, designers are almost always makers as well. This means that they are connected to how their work is produced and also often the marketing, sale and business aspects of design. It’s a kind of ‘pioneer country’ for design as there is no clear path, each person is cutting their own path and establishing something on their own.” Photograph via We Are Awesome.

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Above: We’re all coveting these Recycle BIns with wooden lids, available in a choice of Color Options. There is no distribution in the US, but products can be bought directly; contact Pedersen+Lennard for pricing and shipping costs.bread bin 8916a 620 wide

Above: Possibly our favorite Breadbin to date.

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Above: Coat Hooks with wooden pegs in a metal slot that come as a Single Hook or in a Set of Nine Hooks.

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Above Fold Up Chair with metal back and seat.

p l bucket stool

Above: The popular Bucket Stool features removable cushioned top for storage (great for chilling drinks).

Pedersen  Lennard in Cape Town Think Posh Ikea portrait 9

Above: Pedersen + Lennard opened Field Office as a cafe and showroom in the city center. Above is their new cafe outpost in the upcoming Woodstock Exchange area of Cape Town. Photograph via The Style Trunk.

For the record, Cape Town has become the 2014 World Design Capital, bestowed by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. Expect more from this part of the world and see our previous posts on .

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