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5 Favorites: Sliding Barn Doors in the Kitchen

September 24, 2012 9:20 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Here's a genius use for sliding barn doors in the kitchen: as pantry cupboard doors. Here are five good inspiration examples.

Above: A kitchen pantry in Sweden, concealed by a sliding barn door, via Basic Lab.

Above: At Hendy's Home Store Kitchen in Hastings a sliding barn door opens onto the kitchen.

Above: In a kitchen designed by Karen Cole, a sliding panel conceals pantry shelving, via House & Home.

Above: A kitchen outside Philadelphia with a sliding pantry door, via Cote de Texas.

Above: A pantry concealed behind farm-style sliding barn doors in Chicago by Rebekah Zaveloff.

Above: With a simple Shaker sensibility, this sliding barn door divides the dining and play spaces at the Seesaw Cafe in San Francisco.

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