5 Favorites: Otomi Textiles as Upholstery by

Issue 32 · South of the Border · August 7, 2012

5 Favorites: Otomi Textiles as Upholstery

Issue 32 · South of the Border · August 7, 2012

Otomi textiles are often used as coverlets, table cloths and runners. Here's a twist we like: using the richly embroidered Otomi fabric as upholstery.

Above: Said to be inspired by wall paintings on cliffs in the Hidalgo region of Mexico, Otomi Coverlets at Laviva Home can be used as a bedspread, tablecloth, or furniture covering/upholstery fabric. Available in eight colors, they measure 6-by-5.5 feet; $345. Other sources for Otomi textiles include the Mexican Textiles Museum Store and Jacaranda Home.

Above: From Casamidy, the Ixelles Wing Chair upholstered in a green Otomi fabric. For a tour of the spectacular home of Casamidy's founders, see Color Theory with Casamidy.

Above: Casamidy's Symi Chair covered in grey Otomi fabric.

Above: A chair covered on the back with red Otomi fabric by Chairloom.

Above: Chocolate Brown Otomi Covered Mid-century Modern Chair is available for $1,325 at Jacaranda Home.

Above: Not ready to commit to recovering your furniture? Consider using Otomi Pillows (available in several colors for $150 each at Jacaranda Home) for a similar effect. Here a collection of Otomi pillows back the sofa in a Venezuelan beach cabana by Ashe + Leandro.

NB: See our earlier posts Pendleton Wool as Upholstery and Graphic Grain Sack Upholstery for more upholstery ideas.

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