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5 Favorites: House Plants To Simplify Your Life

July 27, 2012 5:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

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A beautiful potted plant generally provokes the same wary reaction from me as the sight of a baby in a stroller: lovely, but looks like a lot of work to keep happy.

Not so, according to Real Simple (at least not when it comes to house plants). Here are a few ideas, spotted on the magazine's website, to turn the tables; house plants can actually make your life easier:

(N.B.: For more house plant inspiration, see "The Plant Portraits of Mieke Verbjilen."

Above: A phalaenopsis orchid loves humidity, so a moist bathroom is an ideal home; you won't need to water the orchid as often. For growing tips, see "DIY: how Not to Kill an Orchid." Photograph via Real Simple.

Above: If you have an assortment of potted succulents, you can create still-life vignettes—in the living room, down the center of a dining table, or lined up on a window sill. For more ideas for displaying plants on tabletops, see "10 Easy Pieces: Wardian Cases." Photograph via Real Simple.

Above: A low maintenance fern, which doesn't require a lot of sunlight, will thrive in a bedroom. Photograph via Real Simple.

Above: Put a heavy pot on a wheeled caddie to make it easy to move around. Photograph via Real Simple.

Above: Create an inexpensive tabletop tableau by mixing three colors of African violets in an urn. (N.B.: Want to see more of our favorite photos? See what we're pinning and then follow us on Pinterest here.) Photograph via Real Simple.